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Services, Support, and Beyond

• I.T. Services – (An Extensive list)Computer Repairs & Upgrades Available
Web Development & Design, E-commerce, Social Media
• WebSite Hosting, Configurations, Email, SEO
• System and Software Installations, System Security, Data Backups, System Porting
• Mobile & Cross-Platform : Apps & Games
• Programming
– Various Languages
• Interactive Experiences & Exhibits : 3D, 2.5D, 2D
• Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Projects
• CAD Renders & 3D Development
– product designs, building remodeling designs, Invention prototyping, 3D Tool creation, pipeline specialist and optimization guru
• Image Buffing, Graphical Art, Logos, Schematics, Diagrams
• Repairs
– OS, Software, Hardware, Peripherals, Virus Removals, Diagnostics
• Remote Support available (Control/fix your systems from my office)
– Remember, if you don’t see what you need, simply ask ! I have an ever growing unwritten list of services. Thanks!

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I have been providing a much larger-than-average array of Computer & Tech Services for the Greater Syracuse New York area since 2007 and many services for a global market since 2009.  Below you will find a brief list of services I can provide. The list is not complete in a literal sense as many “technical speak” services were omitted. Please contact me for any unlisted service requests as I am sure to accommodate your needs. I go above and beyond being a services professional in every aspect of my work.
Thank You and I hope you enjoy reading details below..


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