CBCS : Color Blending Cheat Sheets

Working through layers of Photoshop colors, you sometimes need to focus on creating colors from multiple layers and blends.
Most people will find these bewildering, some people will love the scientific cheat sheet speedup they’ll get from having these in their arsenal of awesome.
..here’s how they were put together:
- There are 2 layers of the same colored lines overlapping each other. One layer has been rotated 90 degrees to cause a visual perpendicular crossover of the 2 layers.
- The number in the image name represents the opacity level of the layer using the specified blend type.
> Example: “multiply 50″ means one of the layers is using the blendtype:Multiply and the opacity of that layer is 50%.
- The vertical line set is layer0, the horizontal line set is layer1. Layer1 contains the blending and opacity changes while layer0 never changes.

> In other words: Layer0 is your base color, and layer1 is your blend color.

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